SG Pasha von Schattig Geholz IPO1 CGC DN, DJ, DSX ASA, ANQ19

D.O.B.: 5/17/13     Hips:  A Normal     Elbows:  A Normal    DM: Carrier

Pasha is a large female, with outstanding temperament, very social and excellent with people and other dogs.  She is awesome in the house and crate!  She has excellent, balanced drives and is very clear headed.    She will be an excellent family dog or for someone that is looking to getting into IGP or Dock Diving dog sports.  She will teach you a lot!!    Pasha MUST be a house dog and a part of the family.  So if you’re looking for an awesome family member who just loves to be with her people, Pasha’s the right girl for you! Pasha has been spayed.  For more information contact Jeff.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
V Drago vom Patriot SchH3 KKL1a V Nox del Lupo Nero SchH3 V Irko vom Schmiedegarten SchH3 FH IPO3  SG Bandit vom Oberhausener Kreuz SchH3 [SG BSP] IPO3 FH1
V Exe vom Schmiedegarten SchH3 (BSP-V), IP3(V) FH3(V) IPO-FH
V Alexia del Lupo Nero SchH3 (LGA) V BSZS Buster vom Adelmannsfelder Land SchH3 (G-BSP) FH1
V Nanni vom Berg am Ort SchH3
SG Eiwie vom bosen Bruderblick SchH3 IP3 RH1 SG Aron vom Bracheler See SchH3 V Yoschy von der Dollenwiese (BSP & V-LGA)SchH3
G Gesha von Machiavelli SchH3 
G Bona vom bosen Bruderblick SchH1 V Wumm von der Kaisersaule 3x BSP SchH3
G Betty vom Hoogen Gorden SchH1
Brita z Dobrecovske skoly IPO3 SG Vasco Vikar SchH3 IPO3 Satoris Yaxi SchH3 IPO3 Satoris Vargo BHP3
Satoris Yolly BHP3 IPO3
Rena di Oroaval IPO1 Chico vom Sonnenbring SchH3
Esta von der Grube Waldecke
Freia ze Slovanskeho domu ZVV2 IPO3 Hirohito Vikar IPO3 SchH3 FH2 ZVV2 Arno od Vezenske Brany SchH3
Arletz Mra Miku ZVV1
Areta Balgaro IPO2 SchH1 ZVV1 Ori z Danaru SchH3 IPO3 SV1 
Cedra Laryk ZVV1